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Husband wife erotic I Am Looking Swinger Couples

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Husband wife erotic

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I hate coffee, I love Music, all kinds. Bonus points husband wife erotic she can do the same to me :-) My favorite are Black Dynamite hot housewives want nsa Lithonia Pulp Husband wife erotic, Doctor Who is my animal, and the greatest show ever was seeing Erotjc 5 and KMFDM in the eotic day. I am 5' character text spasms which unfortunately seem to pass as full thoughts, after which some to make sure we are at least heightweight and their are no exes passed out on the in the background.

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This is my another experience after threesome with my friends in my home. I hope you are enjoying my stories. One day I went to Hyderabad on some office work. I stayed in my friend Anu's house who had sex with my husband while her visit to Bangalore. That was Sunday afternoon after lunch I felt sleepy and went to one room to sleep. After husband wife erotic I woke up and looked my for my friend.

I found her in her bed room lying on bed her nightie hooks are open and her hand was in husband wife erotic shorts. I didn't want to disturb. I moved to my room but I felt horny after watching them like.

I saw the bulge in his shorts, it disturbed me.

I slowly opened my bra and freed my boobs inside wiffe t shirt, pulled the shirt up with a blanked on and turned towards a husband wife erotic and put hand in my tshirt started pressing my melons. My pussy started leaking. After 10mins. I heard door husband wife erotic and turned. It was Anu and she sat husbqnd bed and pulled my blanket and smiled by seeing me holding my bare boobs.

I pulled my t shirt down and smiled with shy.

He is very disappointed. He wants to have. But I got periods and I am in pain.

I feel bad for husbqnd "If husband wife erotic don't mind I can make him happy" "You want to do with him? You can have if you want" she said.

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husband wife erotic In meantime I pulled my t shirt a little bit down to give him a huband of my hot cleavage. I couldn't found him in the room. He was in washroom I could hear water sounds. I got and idea and took off my t-shirt and pant.

I am in boxers and bra. My back was facing him and I started making my hair with my bra and boxers on.

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I could hear the door opened. Suddenly I felt two hands hugging me, one holding my waist and one holding my boobs.

He was pressing my boobs. I liked his way of foreplay. He was hard and agressive.

We had long passionate kiss. He unhooked my bra and said "they are beautiful" "More beautiful than your wife?

Husband wife erotic Look Sexual Dating

I pulled him on me. He started kissing my boobs kissing my navel.

He put his hand in my shorts. I removed his t shirt.

He came one me and started sucking my boobs with passion. I felt vibrations in me. I held his tool it husband wife erotic rock hard very thick and long. He removed his shorts and went down my pussy, he po it his lips and my dripping pussy gently.

Husband wife erotic

He kissed it, cleaned it with his tongue, liked it, put his tongue in my hole. I husband wife erotic in heaven enjoying his each. I felt more horny and my fluids started flowing. I pulled his hair and said"let's start He slowly increased the pace. I felt nice. I pulled his head towards me. I embraced his waist with husband wife erotic legs, he increased the pace.

He started fucking me harder. I was moaning continuously.

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He was too strong and erotoc with his thirsts. I was shouting "slower slower aaah Aaaahhhh pleaaaase slower" I cummed finally. I closed my eyes and felt each drop husband wife erotic out of my vagina.

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While he was busy husband wife erotic tearing it. Finally he fell on me with on boob in mouth and one in hand and his tool discharged huge amount of in inside me I hugged him tight, husband wife erotic he planted a gentle kiss on my forehead head. This was the best sex I ever. Rate This Story: