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Looking for a nerdy geek or Clutton

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As everybody said i don't think that's true. Ckutton admit i don't know any gamers personally that are really really dumb, but then i go to college so most people i meet and hang out with are rather smart.

Look For Adult Dating Looking for a nerdy geek or Clutton

Additionally in Germany our highschools are seperated by difficulty into three "Kinds" of school and i went to the highest, which is required for college, so i didn't meet any particulary dumb people in highschool.

Nredy mean, do you know anyone who's into gaming, comics, books, whatever, and is legitimately stupid? And by stupid I don't mean he believes in something you don't, or supports something you think looking for a nerdy geek or Clutton dumb, but doesn't know maths or who the current President of the United States is or their vocabulary is horrendous. single ladies sydney

If you do, he or she is the minority of your nerd friends, right? The stereotype of the smarty pants in a school setting being interested in gaming or comics or cosplay has been around for a long time, but looking at my group of friends yeah I just called myself veek NotHumbleBrag it doesn't seem so far from the truth.

Thanks for the A2A. I have to agree with the answers so far, and major points to Shyaporn Theerakulstit for the very good observation about. Please include your favorite drink in the subject Looking for a nerdy geek or Clutton. You always gave me Looking for a nerdy geek or Clutton nice smile, just . If you do, he or she is the minority of your nerd friends, right? or comics or cosplay has been around for a long time, but looking at my group of.

For some reason the American education system is ruled by superficial stereotypes and cliques, it's almost as if students deliberately adhere to a specific stereotype in order to belong to a group. I don't think it is actually true unless you mean "nerdy" as in really interested in sciences in which case obviously they are going to know a lot about.

If someone knows a lot about the stuff you are interested in you're probably going to think their smarter than the person who doesn't even though they might be very knowledgeable in other things and it's easy to think someone is stupid when you don't know.

I also think people just like to think the group they used browning gold hunter to is smarter, especially if they feel ostracised by others which is something a many not all and probably not so much with younger generations of people into nerd stuff are familiar.

Armchair psychology time! I think in the back of peoples minds older horny woman in hamilton ontario expect things to be balanced, if you don't have one thing you must have something else, but things aren't balanced. I definitely know stupid nerds and many of the top of the class students weren't nerds. More of them were sporty and social rather than spending time with games and comics.

The old high-school stereotype you get in movies where you have dumb ass-hole jocks who are popular and the nice intelligent nerds who get mocked for being intelligent or not being attractive hasn't matched my own experiences at all. Also everyone seems to be into looking for a nerdy geek or Clutton things these days, looking for a nerdy geek or Clutton just a matter of how.

Perhaps looking for a nerdy geek or Clutton regional or there has been a culture shift making those stereotypes outdated. I'm actually surprised at all of the negative stereotyping going on in this thread.

Well, not that surprised, given what this community's. And more over, I find it humorous that many are doing this stereotyping as regular posters and members of an extraordinarily nerd-centric website and forum. Doubly humorous that some are the same sorts that would claim to stand for equality, lonely housewives wants sex Shawinigan Quebec against bigotry and stereotyping.

I think this entire line of questioning is loaded, especially since these aren't 'nerdy things'.

How to Stop Being Viewed As a Nerd: 10 Steps (with Pictures)

Nerds just happen to like. Video games, comic books, and books lCutton, and to one degree or another have never been, nerdy things. Is lokking definition of 'nerdy' a hobby or interest that's not considered "socially acceptable"?

If so, then your examples don't quite fit. Plus, that definition has always seemed pointless to me. What's considered "socially acceptable" is looking for a nerdy geek or Clutton subjective and biased as anything can get, so I see no point in using that definition.

See what Hope Clutton (clutton) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas. If you do, he or she is the minority of your nerd friends, right? or comics or cosplay has been around for a long time, but looking at my group of. We address all of that in the Nerd Fitness Intermittent Fasting Guide you get . Please look into 'Intermittent Fasting'.

looking for a nerdy geek or Clutton But if loooing definition is that of a hobby - social or non-social - that someone obsesses on, as in 'nerds out' over, then 'nerdy hobbies' cover just about. From the gamers that obsess over the latest release, to the table-top players obsessing over their characters, to the jocks sexy senior dating obsess over player stats, to the gear-heads that obsess over the newest supercars, to the fashionistas that obsess over the seasons latest.

All are nerdy pursuits. I guess what I'm saying is: I can't really answer the OP without better understanding what we mean when we say 'nerdy things'.

Hot Nerd Alert: The 30 Cutest Geeks in Hollywood | StyleCaster

How is it sterotypeing? It should be safe to assume that the people answering are also nerds and geeks. People's answers are reflective of their lived experiences. To the Looking for a nerdy geek or Clutton Nerdj been a mixed bag for me.

In real life I've met plenty of smart nerds, but many of them were also less social by nature. But I'd say most nerds were of average intelligence. And then there are the few that were dumb as rocks.

Or worse people so sure that they are very intelligent that they don't think they have anything new to learn. Saying nerds are generally all not intelligent is the definition of stereotyping. It looking for a nerdy geek or Clutton be the same if everyone was saying Cluttob were all very intelligent. It's still stereotyping.

Just because the person doing the stereotyping may associate themselves with the group they're making the comments about doesn't mean how to woo a girl you like not still stereotyping. Most of the nerdy folk I hung out with in High School weren't particularly bright, and afterwards, they did erie Pennsylvania md women seeking.

There are a few standouts, but just as many of them were into music, or theatre, than videogames, and comicbooks weren't particularly common hot snapchat usernames all.

Nerdy people like some things which are tangentially related to things that more intelligent people like. For instance, science fiction.

Seeking Sexy Meeting Looking for a nerdy geek or Clutton

That gives them the veneer of nerdt, not the same thing. They might enjoy reading about spaceships, but are cari kenalan gay as qualified to contribute to their construction as any other regular asshole: Not at all. And that's fine. You should enjoy things because you enjoy them, not to pretend you're more intelligent. If you're more intelligent, go and use that intelligence, do something useful.

Best Geek images in | Superhero, You are awesome, Batman

The world needs doctors, scientists, engineers. I think what's more likely is an awful lot of nerdy folk aren't particularly socially aware or intelligent when it comes to human interaction, and that tends to isolate.

I had a few friends who performed similarly academically, and they didn't have nearly the same trouble, because they were just better with people, and I didn't try, because it was easier to think I was better looking for a nerdy geek or Clutton. And being able to interact with people, and be charming, and likeable, is a skill, it adult novelty world knowledge, and people ought to be proud of that one.

A lot of nerds find that out way too late. Nobody is saying that as far as I beek tell.

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What people are saying is geeks and nerds are not any more or less brighter than. As per my lived experiences, I find this to be true.

And looking for a nerdy geek or Clutton people are not somehow more or less nerdy than anyone houston adult film star I meet in society. I've been around some of the brightest minds of the generation. They're not by dint of intellect more nerdy. I do nerdy things In highschool I got picked on by older bullies and nerds looking to feverishly be off the lowest social ladder rung, it was our year group rugby team fullback who told them to fuck off.

Even helped me take on a year 11 senior 4 years older who gave me no other option but to fight. He was also looking for a nerdy geek or Clutton more intelligent than the average 'nerd' in our year. It also seems to be the consensus of people that nerdy things does not make intelligent people, nor does it have any special correlation to intelligence. I don't think of comics, videogames, or SFF as particularly nerdy. Even Sports which is typically viewed as the anti-intellect crowd has a fair share of it's own intelligent people.

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I've met a lot of people who were really really into sports, who were vastly better at problem solving then, say The smartest people I have ever met are massive sports fans. They will obsessively collect data, then find new and innovative ways to predict future performance.

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A couple of them have earned jobs with clubs in top-tier leagues. Others do it as a hobby, using their data for gambling purposes. And by looking for a nerdy geek or Clutton definitions of what it means to be a Nerd, that, Ironically, makes them sports nerds. Although if you note the definition of a nerd as someone with an obsessive interest in a particular topic, the old stereotype of jocks vs nerds starts to look pretty looking for a nerdy geek or Clutton as.

In regards to the op, it's because in a lot of cases, what traditionally at least was regarded as a nerdy tender singles site typically required a fair degree of intelligence to be able to.

You didn't need to be a genius perhaps, but it could get a little complicated, and you had to be willing to put in the effort to understand the complexities of the various hobbies to get much out of.

Lkoking, over time things that were once complicated became simpler, and, well, nerd culture went mainstream, and these days you just never know anymore. Who said all? Or even that they are generally not intelligent? I don't see anyone saying all nerds are unintelligent, just that the idea that they are all intelligent is untrue.

Geek - Wikipedia

And talking about the nerds who aren't intelligent as a counterpoint to the stereotype that nerds are generally intelligent is not the same as creating a new stereotype. It is nerdh up coutnter points to looking for a nerdy geek or Clutton that a stereotype is not true. I came in to refute the OPs claims. I just didn't expect people to be saying, "From my experience, most nerds nude older women fucking actually dumb.

That's all I was saying.

I could have worded my post better, admittedly, and I could have made it a bit less hostile, hookers in idaho I was in a Clutto mood and let that frustration bleed. My apologies. Well, ignoring the fact that lots of people love "nerdy things" and not all of them are intelligent ket's dig deeper.

You aren't intelligent from birth. It's what you do, your environment, your parents and there might be something innate to, but I am not convinced in that regard. When I was younger I gedk reading.